Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Script Analysis

- Father's house, rural Spain

- August 1924

- Mother and Father are meeting because their respective children want to get married. They both boast about their children and pretend as if they are in favor of the marriage, when in reality there is major tension between the two characters.

- Mother: has a son who apparently has money, is handsome, and has a good reputation. She is extremely proud of her son, and does not like the fact that he wants to marry  "Father's" daughter.
- Father: Has a daughter who apparently has money as well, never talks, and is good at house work. Major tension between the Father and Mother

- The Mother and Father have a complicated history with one another which ended badly (open to audience interpretation) and don't wish for the wedding but stay artificial with one another. They both feel that they would 'lose' if they tell the other that they are against the idea of the marriage. As they are in constant battle, instead of fighting about their own problems they simply try to beat the other by bragging about their children. If the two were open with each other, the conflict could be dissolved quickly, but they choose to act childishly and therefore continue their subtle, hidden fight.

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