Monday, December 6, 2010

Rehearsal Schedule

Before 13 December 2010: Casting must have been completed and scripts handed out with basic blocking notes
13 December 2010: Lines memorized and basic blocking finalized
14 December 2010: All properties brought in and large stage items are set, costumes need to be given for tailoring
15 December 2010: Lighting and sound needs to be completed without technical difficulties
16 December 2010: Costumes are ready and fitted, run throughs
17 December 2010: Dress rehearsal with all props, lights, sounds, costumes
18 December 2010: SHOW! 8 pm

5 days of practice, 3 hours each day, show on Saturday night
Practices start with a warm up, then run through with stops, then run through without stops, director gives notes and actors adapt, run through again and again
Being such a short play, many run throughs are acceptable and doable

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